CLASSIC GENIUS is a revolutionary new way to find, book and manage your travel needs. With CLASSIC GENIUS you can save time, money and hassle by finding the best flight deals from hundreds of airlines in just one click. Get exclusive discounts on hotel rates and car rental services as well.

Additionally, you can easily manage all your bookings in one place and get 24/7 support in case of any issues. No matter where you need to go, classic Genius has you covered!

Eagles Genius Search Engine

Genuis search engine
Sub-account settings

Sub-account settings

  • Add 3 sub-accounts.
  • Control the commission of each account.
  • View the details of each account and control its activation or deactivation.
  • Determine the tasks and powers of each account separately.
Account management and settings

Account management and settings

  • Follow up on all reservations, their dates, and the status of each reservation with all its details.
  • Follow up on points and rewards.
  • Save and modify account data and sub-account data.
  • Change the password for all accounts.
Add commission and profit

Add commission and profits

  • Adding a profit percentage or commission to all prices.
  • Possibility of adding a percentage to a sub-account and another without a percentage.
  • Only the net price is collected without deducting the commission percentage.

Classic Genius Account Benefits:

  • An online account through which you can book any hotel yourself without consulting us, with a discount of up to 20% of the price announced on the Booking website in all available hotels, with the possibility of adding a profit or commission to each reservation on your main screen, as explained below.
  • The best price and discount for all available airlines.
  • 1 free voucher for a discount on airline tickets when you book your stay on our website. You can use a $400 voucher for one reservation.
  • 1 free voucher for a discount on airline tickets when you book your stay from our website, using a $200 voucher for one reservation.
  • One unconditional free night voucher through Eagles Genius, with a maximum value of $120.
  • 1 free night voucher when you book 5 nights through Eagles Genius, with a maximum limit of $120.
  • 1 room upgrade voucher depending on availability when booking through Eagles Genius.
  • 1 voucher for a 50% discount on delivery to or from airports in an Arab country.
  • 1 free night voucher when booking 4 nights through Eagles Genius, with a maximum of $120.
  • Car rental services through agencies in countries available on our website.
  • Service to secure reservations against the occurrence of any force majeure upon request.
  • Book all entertainment services – the possibility of booking match tickets.
  • Marketing services for companies and individuals.
  • The service of facilitating the issuance of online visas is free of charge, with payment of the required value only.
  • 10% cash back on all tourism services on the Eagles Genius website, used as credit and points and collected annually through the loyalty program.
  • Real estate consulting service.
  • A personal sponsor responsible for your account 7 days a week, other than customer service.

Classic Genius Account Terms:

  • Please note that the amount paid is the cost of activating the (Classic Genius Account) account. You will receive your password and username, activate the account and register. You will obtain the above-mentioned features immediately after registration. In the case of paying Deposit, you can benefit from the discounts and services, but you cannot use it. Vouchers only after completing the full amount.
  • Please note that if you use one of the features or services mentioned above, you will not be able to recover the value of activating the tourism program and your aforementioned account. In the event that any of the mentioned services are not provided by the personal sponsor, you can send them via our e-mail or use them through online chat 24 hours a day. All days of the week.
  • You can submit any service request or any advance reservation through this email only or through the customer service number registered on our website, taking into account the use of one free voucher for each reservation.
  • Please note that we do not belong to any other company, and the e-mail messages that are circulated between valued customers are what confirm the customer’s use of one of the membership features, and it is like a contract that both parties are bound by, knowing that your e-mail is what the customer provided to us.
  • Please note that this offer was presented at your request from the sales manager for your account, and no amount will be paid yet, and that the email will be sent to you after payment is the one that proves your rights, privileges, and services, which you will do after choosing your category.