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FAMILY GENIUS account is the perfect travel companion on all your travels, you can easily search for the best deals and discounts across a wide range of airlines and services. Whether you are looking for cheap flights, hotels or car rentals, the FAMILY GENIUS account has you covered. Simply enter your travel details and you will be able to access exclusive deals and offers from the best airlines and services around the world. Enjoy a great discount and convenience with the FAMILY Genius account!

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Eagles Genius search engine

Genuis search engine

Account management and settings

Account management and settings

Add commission and profits

Add commission and profit
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▪️ Follow up on all reservations, their dates, and the status of each reservation with all its details.

▪️ Follow up on points and rewards.

▪️ Save and modify account data and sub-account data.

▪️ Change password for all accounts.

▪️ Add a percentage of profit or commission to all prices.

▪️ The possibility of adding a percentage on a sub-account and another without a percentage.

▪️ Only the net price is collected without deducting the commission percentage.


FAMILY GENIUS has partnered with some of the world’s leading airlines and hotels to bring you even more savings. Whether you’re looking for a last minute flight or a luxury stay,

FAMILY GENIUS has it all. Get ready to experience a whole new world of travel with FAMILY GENIUS.

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Family Genius Account Benefits :

▪️ Reservation screen for all your family members, through which you can book any hotel by yourself without referring to us (Eagles Genius for Travel and Businessmen Services) with a discount of up to 30% of the price advertised on the Booking International website on all available hotels.

▪️ Best price and discount for all airlines available.

▪️ 2 coupon 50% discount for a flight ticket when you stay 6 nights through Eagles Genius for travel and businessmen services, provided that it does not exceed 1500 Saudi riyals.

▪️ Book 4 nights through Eagles Genius and get $100 USD cash back.

▪️ Book 5 nights through Eagles Genius and get $100 USD cash back.

▪️ 2 Delivery coupon from or to the airport in any Arab country, worth 100 US dollars.

▪️ 2 Room Upgrade Coupon (room upgrade).

▪️ Real estate advisory service.

▪️ Reservation of all entertainment services.

▪️ Marketing services for companies and individuals.

▪️ Legal advice service.

▪️ 10% cashback from all tourism services provided on Eagles Genius travel and business services services website, to be used as credit and points.

▪️ Booking match tickets.

▪️ Personal secretary is available to you on WhatsApp all days of the week.

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Family Genius Account Terms:

▪️ Vouchers can only be used by Eagles Genius for travel and business services with prior reservation, and not directly with the service provider.

▪️ The amount paid is for obtaining a reservation account and the above-mentioned services only, and the amount cannot be refunded when using and activating your account and obtaining a username and password.

▪️ Please note that we are not affiliated with any other company, and that the emails that are circulated between our valued customers and the management of Eagles Genius for Businessmen Services confirm the customer’s use of one of the benefits of membership, which is a binding contract between the two parties.

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