HALA SERVICES provides many advantages And benefits and discounts that enable you to enjoy your vacation.
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Enjoy with us in Eagles Genius the best tourism services in the world at competitive prices All hotels in the world with discounts of up to 20% of the declared price inside and outside the Kingdom for 10 trips on international booking sites and visa issuance service for any country in the world and reservation of all international airlines at the best prices .




Hotel free vouchers:

1- 1 coupon for a free night when staying 4 nights at the advertised price. You get the fifth night for free in any country in the world.

2- 2 coupons worth 30 US dollars to be deducted from the hotel or flight price in the event of a 4 night stay inside or outside the Kingdom.

3- A free ticket to enter the Disneyland theme park.

4- 1 free reception coupon from the airport to the hotel for two people when booking our hotel.

Free Flight Coupons:

1- 1 free airline ticket coupon when staying 7 nights in a 5-star hotel, or a 50% discount from the ticket value when staying in a 4-star hotel on the available hotels. Except for (America – Morocco – China – East Asia).

2- Reception and delivery service inside all airports of the world and entry to the VIP lounges

HALA SERVICE Terms And conditions of use

1- Coupons can only be used through the company with a prior reservation and dress with the direct use.

2- A coupon is used in each reservation and it is not permissible to use more than one offer in one reservation.

3- The difference between the use of the coupon 14 days between each of them is taken into account.

4- The amount cannot be refunded when using and activating the discount card.

5- The e-mails that are circulated between the valued customers and the Eagles Genius administration confirm the customer’s use of one of the membership benefits, and it is a contract that the two parties are bound by.

6- All terms and conditions apply.