From the beginning , Eagles Genius’s goal was clear and which is to provide partnerships and cooperation agreements with the owners of expertise and successes To provide Eagles Genius customers with all services and products of high quality and maximum benefit at an appropriate cost .


Earn commissions by promoting options on Booking.com with our easy-to-use tools.



Provides technical production services
Was established in 2019 in Cairo and We have managed to gain and sustain an impeccable reputation with some of the top brands by providing strategic PR and media and social media services.
We have a team of talented and experienced and motivated marketing specialists known as the best in their niche. We aim to be a leader in digital marketing field.

ابجديات علاقات عامة


Abjadeyat is a public relations management agency, we take our clients to places others don’t reach, we work with enthusiasm and passion to enable them to grow, manage risks, and defend their reputation in today’s turbulent environment.



Tripinclick in time travel agency, established in tourism sector since 1998, Since the company was established, Tripinclick in time travel has concentrated its efforts In providing quality travel.

Docspert Health

Docspert Health

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by providing them with the highest quality medical advice possible and regardless of where they live. This way and we can help them get back to full health and quality of life faster.

Dr. Nour El Qawwas Dental clinic

DR. NOUR El-Qawwas Dental

Specialist in cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. We offer our valued customers at Eagles Genius a discount 30% on all clinic services.