Football tickets

Football tickets

Football Match tickets reservation is a division of Eagles Genius Services, a global broker for international sports match tickets.
We are on pace to sell 3,750 tickets this year, growing at an impressive 25% annually. We continue to grow and do so at a steady pace in order to maintain high standards of service.
Above all, we value our clients, both in the private and business sectors. We do everything we can to provide the most reliable service at the best price.
Travel related companies, travel agents and potential partners are welcome to learn more about additional services.

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What makes us unique?

Here are some key points in a nutshell :
Eagles Genius Tickets is not an online marketplace, nor a ticket exchange site.
We are 150% committed to fulfilling your dream of attending an event and to you, our dear customers.
We are your direct supplier, therefore you can speak with us directly with any question or inquiry.
Call us, chat with us, call us – we’re here for you 7 days a week.

Our own knowledge and personal service:

You may be outside, in a strange place. We know that. So we support you with as much information about each event. We try to make you feel like a local, anywhere.
When traveling, you need to be sure that you did not leave anything important back home, and therefore our personal confirmation process and one of our employees will be in personal contact with you.

Our mission:

We will make sure you get your ticket and are satisfied with it.
We want to see your requests in our website, over and over again.
We will do everything we can to satisfy you because we want your recommendation for us and our work.
Our mission is to be honest, competitive, trustworthy and efficient while handling your order.