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Docspert Foundation medical consulting

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Docspert Foundation medical consulting
consult the best leading doctors from Britain, America and Europe in their specialties and those who are responsible for discovering and following up on the latest findings in medical sciences in the world.

Docspert’s mission is to improve people’s lives by providing them with the highest quality medical advice possible, regardless of where they live. This way, we can help them get back to full health and quality of life faster.

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Docspert Health

Specialists from all over the world - consultant oncologists, neurosurgeons and cardiac consultants

Professor Jack Janssen

 Head of the Department of Oncology – Limburg Oncology Center, Salvatore Hospital, Hasselt, Belgium.

Professor Mark Drayson

Professor of Immunology and Emeritus Consultant at Birmingham University Hospital and Heartlands Hospital.

Professor Sean Kehoe

Professor of Gynecological Oncology at the Institute of Oncology and Genomics, University of Birmingham, UK.

Professor Jack Janssen

 Head of the Department of Oncology – Limburg Oncology Center, Salvatore Hospital, Hasselt, Belgium.

Dr. Alvin Wells

Consultant Rheumatologist and Director of the Center for Rheumatology and Immunotherapy in Franklin, USA.

Docspert Health

More than 110 international experts in more than 40 medical specialties and subspecialties.

Multidisciplinary Team Opinion

A panel of international experts from up to four different medical specialities (such as surgery, medical oncology, radiology and pathology) convene to study your medical case and respond with a detailed medical report that includes their collective medical opinion. This is especially useful for complex cases (for example, Cancer).

Detailed Medical Report

Receive a detailed medical report about your condition with an accurate diagnosis, the best treatment plan and answers to your questions. Our medical team helps you understand the expert’s report.

Book an appointment with the International experts during their visits to your country

Docspert arranges visits for the international experts to the most renowned local hospitals in your country. You can have a consultation with the expert and receive your treatment plan under his supervision.

Travel abroad to meet the expert or to get treatment

Docspert Health enables you to travel abroad to consult the expert or to receive your treatment or operation.

Healing and recovery is closer to you

Show your case to the best expert doctors in America, England and Europe.

30% Discount.