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The Eagles Genius family in cooperation with Abjadeyat Agency for Public relations and is pleased to offer a 30% discount on all its services to our valued customers.

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Abjadeyat Agency for Public relations

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ابجديات علاقات عامة
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Abjadeyat Services

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• Visual identity industry.
• Marketing consultancy, branding industry and project establishment.
• Crisis management for companies and VIPs.
• Preparing media statements and press files for the official authorities.
• Monitoring social media platforms and analyzing public opinion content trends.
• Planning public relations campaigns.
• Create, plan and implement social responsibility initiatives.
• Build a mental image and create a reputation.

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• We have an integrated and approved training package in qualifying girls for the labor market in the field of tourism guidance.

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Media crisis management

We fully understand and know the importance of time in crises and the second may cost

A lot, so let us manage your crisis through our reading and analysis of all scenarios, help in decision making and provide advice and support to confront your audience.

What distinguishes us is that we stand by our customers and take responsibility with them for the decision and its results.

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Corporate Communications

The multiplicity, the increase of the internal and external target audience and the development of digital communication and technical revolutions, has become an urgent need to adjust the institutional communication process to ensure sustainable growth and success.

In Abjadeyat, we take your hand to manage the helm in the media and marketing to highlight the image of the entity and define its role at home and abroad, prepare reports and formulate strategies to achieve the highest possible level of cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities, and work to transform goals into facts and rooting a sense of belonging.

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Preparing and managing the press file for the entities completely

The daily comprehensive press file is the field compass for companies and institutions to know the smallest details about their work and activities and the mental image they enjoy with the public.

We provide all monitoring mechanisms on large and manifold scales, including official media and social media applications. We provide our clients with the media status in an instant and present it in different ways that suit the nature of the entity’s work.

Our reports are flexible and transparent based on absolute facts, supported by practical, realistic, applicable recommendations resulting from the intersection of the media situation, reading scenarios and assessing the situation of the entity.

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Monitor and analyze public opinion through social media platforms

The interaction that takes place on social media is the most important way to find out the direction of public opinion or the direction of a particular group in society. It is also possible through this interaction to know the public’s reactions towards political, social and economic issues.

We undertake this task and monitor, track and analyze this interaction by generating daily or weekly and upon request statistical analytical reports, in addition to comparing the analysis of current social network data and statistics with historical data for previous years, which helps to know the historical change in public opinion trends and indicators according to the development of current data and data previous time. We provide consultations according to the results of the analysis reports, in addition to providing advice regarding crisis management related to what is published on social media and websites.


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Building a mental image and creating a reputation

With fake news and the rapid spread of rumors in digital media and reputation tarnishing is in an instant. We are skilled at managing online reputation management programs.

We can positively influence and reshape our customers, changing and influencing search results quickly and efficiently through our deep understanding of algorithms search.

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Planning and managing public relations campaigns

Our experience is great in the field of public relations and we formulate our messages correctly and are directed to all segments of different characteristics and we deal professionally with the media in all its forms.

we help our clients to build relationships with the media based on the truth and quality of information.

we take advantage of communication opportunities wherever they are and we plan our campaigns very carefully to achieve impact Positive.

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Creating and planning initiatives and social responsibility roles

Feeling the pleasure of business success is not complete if it is not accompanied by a sense of social responsibility towards society and the environment.

Adopting social responsibility and humanitarian initiatives in agencies and institutions has become a requirement to achieve sustainable prosperity and create impact.

We have the professional ideas and mechanisms to help our clients implement their programs and initiatives according to international standards.


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Let us serve you

” Wherever there is a challenge and we are there to put the dots on letters “

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